Rauch AXIS 50.1 W


AXIS-E 50.1 EMC W – The future has begun. Electric drives stand out from hydraulic systems due to their significantly higher level of efficiency. AXIS-E uses electrical energy from the new high voltage tractor generation and implements it into an innovative drive technology for fertiliser spreader spreader discs.

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CDA Spreading Technology

The basis is CDA spreading technology. CDS spreading technology allows the fertiliser to be gently transferred via the elongated rotary vane outlet with a large surface area at the disk centre, which then provides tremendous acceleration of the fertiliser in the specially developed spreader vanes for an optimal release spread.

Consistently designed for performance

  • High Working Speeds (>20km/h high-speed spreading
  • High Performance (4 tonnes of payload)
  • Large Spreading Widths
  • Large Application Rates (500kg/min)

  • 2 Large Feed Sieves
  • Calibration Test Kit
  • CDA Spreading Technology
  • Granusafe System
  • High-speed spreading function
  • 2 Inspection Windows
  • Dirt Guards
  • Ekectricak Vane Operation
  • Online Weighing System
  • Universal Drive Shaft