McCormick X8 VT-Drive Range


The X8 range features an innovative VT-Drive four-stage continuous variable transmission. A high-flow hydraulic system provides a total flow of 212 l/min and supplies 140 l/min to up to eleven electrohydraulic remote valves.

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Betapower Engines

The X8 tractors are powered by the new Betapower Fuel Efficiency 6.7-litre, 6-cylinder engines with eVGT turbocharger and common rail injection system. These engines meet Stage4/Tier4 Final emission regulations using a Hi-SCR catalytic converter in combination with a DOC catalyst for exhaust gas aftertreatment. The X8 range comprises three models: – X8.660 VT-Drive with 264/194 hp/kW – X8.670 VT-Drive with 286/210 hp/kW – X8.680 VT-Drive with 310/228 hp/kW

VT-Drive Transmission

The VT-Drive continuous variable transmission selects automatically the most suitable gear ratio allowing seamless speed progression without the need to shift gears. Using the VT-Drive transmission is quite easy: just release the parking brake, select the direction with the power shuttle and step on the gas pedal. This simplicity of operation, combined with intuitive controls and a user-friendly touch screen interface, makes the X8 a pleasure to drive. You work with the most advanced CVT transmission in the market. The VT-Drive continuous variable transmission has always stood for efficiency and reliability.

  • 3 Models: X8.660 / X8.670 / X8.680
  • 6 Cylinders
  • Power: 264 - 286 -310
  • Premiere Cab
  • Pressurized Cab
  • VT-Drive transmission