MAJOR Toppers


MAJOR offer a wide range of Toppers from Centre Mounted, Side Mounted, Offset and Flex Wing. All machines offer heavy duty transmission and low maintenance thus ensuring the maximum return on your investment

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Centre Mounted Topper

The MAJOR Centre Mounted Topper is a fully gear driven machine fitted with high speed rotors and twin cut swinging blades. THe 909HD Topper is a heavier duty version and features extra heavy gearboxes. A shearbolt PTO shaft is supplied as standard for best power transfer.

Side Mounted Topper

The MAJOR Side Mounted Topper is a fully offset three point linkage pasture topper with two models offering 8 foot and 9 foot cutting widths. Features include hydraulic offset with an integrated hydraulic breakaway protecting the tractor for impact damage. A shearbolt PTO shaft is supplied as standard for best power transfer.

Offset Topper

The MAJOR Trailed Topper is a fully offset gear driven machine. It is offset for working and is folded into transport position hydraulically from the tractor seat. As the machine is fully offset there is no trampling of the pasture prior to cutting

Flex Wing Topper

The MAJOR Flex Wing Topper is a three point linkage mounted machine which folds up to 2.3m transport width. The wing cutting decks are raised by hydraulic control to transport position. The wings are capable of flexing from -15 to +25 degrees allowing the cutting unit to follow the ground contours.

  • Heavy Duty Transmission
  • Low Maintenance
  • Rubber Shock Absorbers
  • Twin Cut Swinging Blades System