KUHN FBP 3135 BalerPack


The Kuhn FBP 3135 is designed to endure the most heaviest silage conditions across Ireland. Thanks to its rigid design and unique options, this machine will ensure farmers and contractors get the maximum benefit

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Fast and Reliable Bale Transfer

To minimise idle time and maximise output, a rapid bale transfer is required. The sidde guide protection plates on the FBP 3135 BalePack ensure a rapid and secure bale transfer even when working in steep or sloping fields. The 4-belt wrapping table with 2 large rollers and 4 side cones provide maximum bale traction, even bale rotation and proper film overlap, regardless of the bale shape. The improved “twin loading fork” system offers faster bale transfer by up to 30%”

High Machine Output

Versatility and maximum output in a short harvest window is what a machine in this range needs. The integral rotor systen and automatic rotor deblock system provide you with a top of the range intake capacity to meet these requirements.

  • Hydrolic Rotor Disengagement
  • Integral Rotor
  • Pendulum Pick-Up
  • Robust Driveline
  • 18 Power Track Rollers
  • Easy Film Roll Exchange
  • Guaranteed Binding Start
  • High Machine Output
  • Built in Scrapers
  • Fast Tailgate Detection
  • Scissor Type Film Cutters